Mr Turnbull - Stop the Super Trawlers!

To The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia.

Welcoming destructive Super Trawlers, while enacting a meaningless ban with a loophole the size of a factory trawler in it, was one of the Abbott government's most unpopular decisions for ocean lovers and recreational fishers.

Australia needs low-impact, sustainable fishing industries that support regional jobs in coastal communities, not monster trawlers that send profits offshore, put at risk our high value recreational fisheries, and kill protected marine life.

Make Super Trawlers part of Abbott’s legacy, not yours. 

We know you have shown leadership in securing healthy oceans in the past. As part of the Howard government, you created a proud legacy of protecting the marine environment and fisheries of south-eastern Australia, establishing a network of marine parks and addressing a generation of overfishing by the Commonwealth trawler fleet. But this all stands to be lost.

We are asking you to show leadership again and step up to permanently ban factory freezer trawlers in Australia’s small pelagic fishery.


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