Super trawler banned again!

Yesterday Minister Tony Burke announced that he was banning the super trawler from fishing again.

Seafish Tasmania had proposed to use the super trawler FV Abel Tasman (formerly Margiris) as a "mother ship" for smaller trawlers to load their catches of small pelagic fish onto for processing at sea (transhipment). This proposal was adamantly rejected by environment and fishing groups as side-stepping the original ban on the super trawler from November last year, and coming before any expert review of its impacts had even begun.

The proposal for transhipment could result in at least the same level of impacts on threatened and protected species such as seals, dolphins and seabirds, and still lead to localised depletion of small pelagic fish, and have ecosystem impacts on the predator species that depend on them. For more information on these concerns, read our submission to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) against the proposal.

Thousands of people wrote submissions to the AFMA opposing the transhipment proposal - thank you!

We now eagerly await the process which the expert panel will undertake to review the impacts of a super trawler. For more information on this process.

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