Stop the Trawler

In 2012, the world's second largest super trawler, the Margiris, was proposed to be brought into Australian waters. This catalysed huge opposition from across the country and the world. Conservation, recreational fishing and tourism groups worked together to form an alliance, and worked with thousands of community members to win a temporary two-year ban on large freezer trawlers. That ban was replaced by a legislated ban on super trawlers over 130m long, leaving Australian waters wide open to shorter, equally destructive factory freezer trawlers. 

While conservation groups and recreational fishing groups don’t always agree on individual issues, we both seek to ensure a healthy marine environment. The following groups are united in the campaign to stop super trawlers. If your group would like to join the alliance, contact us.


Environment Tasmania

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Tasmanian Conservation Trust

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

The Wilderness Society

Humane Society International

Ocean Planet

Fishers for Conservation

Victoria National Parks Association

Tuna Club of Tasmania

St Helens Game Fishing Club

Conservation Council of Western Australia

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

TasFish - Tasmanian Fishing & Boating News

Tasmanian Game Fishing Association

Pew Charitable Trusts

Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales

Conservation Council of South Australia

GameFish Tasmania Sports Fishing Club

Sea Charter Boat Operators of Tasmania

Personalised Sea Charters

Dive Industry Alliance of Australia


This website is administered by the Stop the Trawler Alliance Coordinator, Rebecca Hubbard and the team at Environment Tasmania.