No Super Trawler Bill passes senate

Media Release - Wednesday 19 September

The Stop the Trawler Alliance has welcomed the passage of the Amendment to the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act to stop the super trawler from threatening Australia’s marine life and fisheries today.

“The Federal Parliament has responded to the overwhelming voice of concern from the Australian public to the introduction of an industrial-scale factory trawler into our fisheries. This unprecedented threat to our marine life and fishing is clearly unwanted by the community, and the Government have acted on their behalf today,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator, Environment Tasmania.

“The amendment to the EPBC Act today means we can sure up the foundations for management of the Small Pelagic Fishery, as it’s clear the science around localised depletion and quota increase left room for improvement,” said Tooni Mahto, Marine Campaigner, Australian Marine Conservation Society. “We also look forward to participating in the root and branch review of fisheries management legislation.”

“A sleeping giant has been woken and the passion of recreational fishers has now been seen by all Australians. We respect the right of commercial operations, the work of our scientists, the care of our environmental groups, and it’s time that all views are taken into account for the betterment of our fisheries management from now and into the future,” said Nobby Clark, President of the Tuna Club of Tasmania.

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