No Super Trawlers rally hears quota declared unlawful

Media Release

The No Super Trawlers Rally today heard that the Seafish quota on which the super trawler would base it’s fishing of small pelagic fish was gained through an unlawful process, and that fishing and environment groups would continue to push for the Bill to pass through Government in order to protect fisheries and marine life.

“There was a great turnout from the community in support of the bill to stop the super trawler. This support comes from a broad cross section of the community - from recreational fishers, environment groups, commercial fishers, and local businesses,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator of Environment Tasmania.

“Now that it is clear that AFMA has acted unlawfully in its processes to increase the quota for Seafish, the whole of the Federal Senate, and particularly the Liberal Party who have failed to respond to community concerns thus far, must stand up and support the Bill to stop the super trawler,” said Ms Hubbard.

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A victory for people power

STOP THE SUPER TRAWLER ALLIANCE Media Release - Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A victory for people power – super trawler banned until proven sustainable

The Stop the Trawler Alliance welcomes the Federal Government’s laws to prohibit super trawlers in Australia until science and consultation can demonstrate it will not damage our marine life and fisheries.

“Environment and fishing groups welcome the Government’s announcement that they will stop this super trawler and protect our marine life. Community concerns about this super trawler have been overwhelming. We expect to see this bill to result in a permanent ban on super trawlers in Australia following the science and consultation period,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Environment Tasmania’s Marine Coordinator.

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