Expert Panel Announced

Minister Tony Burke has announced the expert panel to review the environmental impacts of the super trawler.

We welcome the announcement of this panel and the Terms of Reference that have been set for the panel.

We expect that the "Transhipment" application from Seafish to use the super trawler as a mother ship which smaller trawlers feed their catch to, will be refused, based on the fact that this activity could result in at least as big an environmental impact as using the super trawler directly to trawl, and particularly considering that this expert review is now underway.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance will seek more information on the panel and the review process, and keep everyone updated.

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Super Trawler desperately seeking fish

Media Release - 23 January 2013

Environment and fishing groups are united in their opposition to the increasingly desperate attempts by Seafish to take the super trawler FV Able Tasman (formerly Margiris) fishing in Australian waters, despite massive community opposition and a ban.

Super Trawlers are banned from fishing in the small pelagic fishery for two years while an expert panel reviews their impact.

Seafish Tasmania has proposed to allow the Abel Tasman to operate as a ‘mothership’ while smaller vessels transfer mackerel and redbait to her for processing, an act that in itself constitutes ‘fishing’ under the legislation and which therefore is banned for two years under Minister Burke’s ruling while an expert panel reviews the impact of super trawlers.

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