Major Tas Political Parties Support Permanent Ban!

Media Release - 24 February 2014

Tasmania’s three major political parties have responded to public concern about the impact of super trawlers and confirmed their support for a permanent ban.

However, the threat of factory fishing creating a ‘domino effect’, decimating fish stocks, jobs and local economies remains unless the federal government puts a permanent ban in place, the Stop the Trawler alliance said today.

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Its been a good week but we can't relax yet

It's been a good week for the campaign!

Have you heard? On Friday, Justice John Logan said former environment minister Tony Burke was within his rights to ban the factory freezer trawler, which would have had uncertain impacts on small pelagic fish. In other words, the temporary ban on super trawlers is staying put. 


In Tasmania, the Liberal Party, Greens Party, and the Labor Party have all given their full support to a permanent ban on super trawlers operating in Australian waters! The Palmer United Party has indicated support but will not release official policies until March 1st.

But Australia's marine life and fisheries are still not safe from super trawlers because the federal ban ends in November. 

So now what?

Now, we want the Tasmanian trend to spread nation wide and turn the temporary super trawler ban into a PERMANENT ban.

We will need you for this. Later this week we will help you write to your local Federal MP's so the message is loud and clear across the nation. WE WANT A NATIONAL PERMANENT BAN ON SUPER TRAWLERS! Stay tuned 

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