Father to Son film clip - with your photos!

Tasmanian born musician Cameron Tapp wrote this beautiful song in protest against the proposal to introduce super trawlers into Australian waters, and the responsibility we all share in passing on healthy oceans to the next generations.

You submitted your photos and we have created a film clip out of them. Watch to see three generations of Australians enjoying memorable times with those they love in the sea.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their favourite fishing and coastal pics to the competition to make this film clip!


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It's not time to party yet, Mr.Abbott only committed to ban ONE super trawler

Today, during question time Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the Abel Tasman will remain banned from Australian waters beyond the expiry of its current temporary ban in November this year. "It was banned, it will remain banned," Mr. Abbott said

But here's the thing....you and I, and the thousands of supporters of this campaign want Mr. Abbott's government to legislate a PERMANENT BAN on ALL super trawlers in Australian waters.

Lafayette.jpgWhat if this one known as Lafayette comes in? Its five times the size of the Abel Tasman and was recorded in Pacific waters near Australia just two weeks ago. We need a ban on ALL super trawlers in order to protect our marine environment.

In his statement today, Mr. Abbott has only committed to keeping ONE of many super trawlers out of Australian waters. It's not good enough.

Let's continue to send the whole message. Email your MP and Senators and tell them you want see the Abbott government legislate a PERMANENT BAN on ALL super trawlers in Australian waters.


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