More Foreign Factory Trawlers

This week it was exposed that yet another foreign factory trawler is being proposed to enter Australian fisheries, again without public consultation. The Australian Government is clearly sending the message that we are open for big-boat business. This is despite the Prime Minister writing to us to say he “does not want to see the super trawler Abel Tasman (Margiris) back in our waters”. But the temporary ban only applies to freezer-factory vessels over 130m long, and there is an international fleet of these industrial trawlers waiting on our doorstep, which although slightly shorter, are equally concerning. Sign the new petition to Prime Minister Abbott for a permanent ban on all large factory freezer trawlers.

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More than science needed

Media Release - 2 May 2014

Following a stakeholder consultation meeting with the Expert Panel in Hobart today, environment groups from Stop the Trawler Alliance say the Inquiry into the impacts of a super trawler in Australia’s Small Pelagic Fishery are likely to be inadequate because the narrow terms of reference do not permit the full range of social and economic impacts to be considered, and essential fisheries data is not available.

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