Another one bites the dust

Our hard work to protect Tasmania’s fisheries has paid off yet again. Recently a large Ukrainian factory trawler, Meridian, applied to fish off Tassie’s west coast. This trawler was welcomed by our fisheries management authority without consultation, despite questions raised about its “flag of convenience” – a practice well known internationally to be associated with vessels that flout environmental and workers laws. But, it turns out, they decided not to bring the Meridian to Tassie this year afterall...

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FRDC Meeting Fails to Support Super Trawler

Media Release - 25 July

Claims by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) that researchers at a FRDC funded workshop in South Australia “concluded that Australian fisheries science and management were on par with the rest of the world” are unfounded...

“There are rumours that another super trawler is being brought in to Australian waters by the end of the year, despite critical gaps in the research which received scant attention at the workshop. In this context it would seem that a Government funded workshop is being used to pave the way for more super trawlers..."

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