Organise Your Own Event
Raise the pressure on your Local MP to stop super trawlers damaging our fisheries and marine life with an event in your local area! Here are some tips on how to organise an event. Let us know if you do, and we’ll help promote it!

In your electorate at the local MP’s office or a convenient public gathering place close by. The location is strategic for emphasising the responsibility of our elected representatives to actually represent us on this issue.

During the week of May 16-22

Suggest before work or lunchtime to get local media or at end of working day.

What to do
The goal is to tell your Local MP that super trawlers are an important issue to their constituents and ask them to support a permanent ban.

All you need is a group of friends and family, some signs or a banner that says ‘No Super Trawlers’ or ‘Gone Fishing! GONE’. You can add fishing rods, fluffy marine mammals or anything else to make it more eye-catching. You can hand out postcards to passers by or just hold up signs for traffic to see.

Ask your local MP to come out and meet you and ask them what they are doing to ban super trawlers permanently from our valuable Small Pelagic Fishery. Anything less than a permanent ban will not protect our fisheries and marine life - no weasel words!

Make sure you get some photos and post them on facebook or email them to us marine[at]

We can help
We can send you postcards, graphics for signs to print out, promote your event on facebook, provide speaking points for the event, and help with any media you want involved.

Email us if you’d like support or to tell us about your event! marine[at]

Thanks for smashing super trawlers with us!


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  • Chris Lethlean
    commented 2016-05-12 13:53:01 +1000
    the port McDonnell offshore angling club has its annual tuna comp this week i have asked for some posters already i f i receve them this week we can get some publicity for the campain
  • susan Forday
    commented 2016-05-12 13:24:44 +1000
    Go for it. Such a good cause.