Court Upholds Super Trawler Ban but Oceans Still Not Safe

Media Release - 21 February 2014

Today’s decision by the federal court to maintain the ban on super trawlers reinforces the concern of local communities, scientists, conservation groups and recreational fishers about the damaging impact large scale factory fishing would have.

Despite the court decision Australian waters remain vulnerable to the threat of super trawlers as the current two year ban will end in November.

“Australian waters are not safe from super trawlers. Only a permanent ban will give recreational fishers and coastal communities the guarantee that their jobs and their health of the marine environment will be safeguarded, and it is now time for the Australian Government to legislate that permanent ban,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator of Environment Tasmania.

“Despite claims from foreign consortiums seeking to bring the super trawlers to Australia, the scientific evidence about the health of our fish stocks remains in doubt,” said Nathaniel Pelle of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

"There is absolutely no need for super trawlers in Australian fisheries. Current recreational and commercial fishing can provide for industry and families. Industrial fishing has left a legacy of overfishing and environmental damage around the world and Australia should take a stand and show leadership on this important issue,” said Darren Kindleysides of Australian Marine Conservation Society.

“The risks associated with bringing super trawlers to our fishing grounds haven’t been dealt with.  Little has been done to assess or prevent localized depletion and we have grave concerns that in a few months’ time another vessel like the Margiris could come in and decimate the baitfish populations that sustain our famous fishing grounds,” said Nobby Clark of Game Fish Tasmania.

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  • wayne clarke
    commented 2014-02-27 18:46:38 +1100
    The ocean is not an infinite resource, it should be treated with the respect it deserves. The collapse of species is what is will happen and is happening as I write this.
    Protect the fisheries of Australian waters and lobby for the protection of the pacific and indian oceans from the protection of fish species. Super trawlers are blight on the ecology of the oceans of the earth. The pillaging of fish resources will lead us all to the end of species which will include us. Government’s should stop thinking short term and stand up for the environment and leave a good clean and well stocked ocean for the future of mankind.