Coalition, Last Left Supporting Super Trawlers This Election

Media Release

Just one week out from the Federal Election, the Coalition has been isolated in their support for super trawlers. The Stop the Trawler Alliance have assessed policy positions and found that the Labor Party, the Greens, and Tasmanian-based Jacquie Lambie Network are all backing a ban on super trawlers, in response to persistent concerns over their impacts on Australian jobs, fisheries and iconic marine life. 

“There has been staunch opposition from recreational fishers, conservationists, tourism operators and the broad Australian public against super trawlers. The threat that this industrialisation of our oceans pose to Australian jobs, fisheries and iconic marine life are clearly not accepted by the Australian community,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Coordinator of the Stop the Trawler Alliance.

“The Greens, the Labor Party and the Jacquie Lambie Network of Tasmania are responding to these concerns and are supporting a ban on super trawlers. This leaves the Liberal National Coalition out in the cold, and the only major party still supporting monster trawlers,” said Ms Hubbard.

“Tens of thousands of recreational fishers have taken action on this issue over the last four years, and we will be telling those people to put the Labor Party, Jacqui Lambie Network and the Greens ahead on the ballot paper if they care about protecting our fisheries and oceans from super trawlers,” said Nobby Clark of Game Fish Tasmania Sports Fishing Club.

“Why would recreational fishers vote for the Liberal National Coalition when they have refused to respond to our concerns about impacts from factory freezer trawlers on our million dollar game-fishing industries and the hundreds of jobs they support in our regional coastal communities?” said Mr Clark.

“Over 230,000 people have signed petitions, tens of thousands have sent emails to MPs, and hundreds have joined rallies and flotillas against super trawlers, and the Liberal National Party is sending a clear message to these people that they are putting the interests of foreign super trawler criminals ahead of local voters,” concluded Ms Hubbard.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance will be communicating the super trawler policy positions of major and significant minor parties to supporters ahead of the federal election. 

Written and authorised by Neil Clark, 270 Argyle St, North Hobart 

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