Ad backfires on Super Trawler

Media Release: Seafish Reveals 7-yr Calculated Plan To Bring Super trawler Down Under

A last minute advertising blitz by Seafish Tasmania to try and salvage its super trawler plans ahead of Federal Cabinet meeting to decide its fate today has backfired as it has revealed a calculated seven-year plan to bring the ship down under.

In advertising run in The Australian today targeting MPs in Canberra, Seafish revealed its planning to bring the super trawler Margiris to Australia started straight after the last attempt to bring a factory fishing boat to Australia was dumped.

Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator at Environment Tasmania said the advertising has backfired on Seafish and further entrenched community opposition to its plans.

“Seafish has revealed that it has been working on bringing a super trawler into Australia for seven years, yet the first the public heard about it was 3 months ago.

“Another super trawler, the Veronica, was knocked back just over seven years ago, so Seafish have been secretly trying to bring this huge factory ship into Australia since then, rather than learning that the community do not want factory fishing on their doorsteps.

“This revelation demonstrates that unless we ban super trawlers in Australian waters, there will be an ongoing push to threaten our marine life and fisheries with these huge factory ships,” said Ms Hubbard.

“Environment and fishing groups support science-based management – yet the science does not exist to demonstrate that the same problems caused by super trawlers in other parts of the world, will not occur here.

“This advert is the fishing industry on the back foot. The fact is that over 93,000 people have now signed a petition to the Government calling on them to stop this super trawler from threatening our marine life and fisheries. Not only does history tell us this is not the right way forward for fishing in Australia, but public opinion is demanding it,” concluded Ms Hubbard.

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