Father to Son film clip - with your photos!

Tasmanian born musician Cameron Tapp wrote this beautiful song in protest against the proposal to introduce super trawlers into Australian waters, and the responsibility we all share in passing on healthy oceans to the next generations.

You submitted your photos and we have created a film clip out of them. Watch to see three generations of Australians enjoying memorable times with those they love in the sea.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their favourite fishing and coastal pics to the competition to make this film clip!


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It's not time to party yet, Mr.Abbott only committed to ban ONE super trawler

Today, during question time Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the Abel Tasman will remain banned from Australian waters beyond the expiry of its current temporary ban in November this year. "It was banned, it will remain banned," Mr. Abbott said

But here's the thing....you and I, and the thousands of supporters of this campaign want Mr. Abbott's government to legislate a PERMANENT BAN on ALL super trawlers in Australian waters.

Lafayette.jpgWhat if this one known as Lafayette comes in? Its five times the size of the Abel Tasman and was recorded in Pacific waters near Australia just two weeks ago. We need a ban on ALL super trawlers in order to protect our marine environment.

In his statement today, Mr. Abbott has only committed to keeping ONE of many super trawlers out of Australian waters. It's not good enough.

Let's continue to send the whole message. Email your MP and Senators and tell them you want see the Abbott government legislate a PERMANENT BAN on ALL super trawlers in Australian waters.


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Major Tas Political Parties Support Permanent Ban!

Media Release - 24 February 2014

Tasmania’s three major political parties have responded to public concern about the impact of super trawlers and confirmed their support for a permanent ban.

However, the threat of factory fishing creating a ‘domino effect’, decimating fish stocks, jobs and local economies remains unless the federal government puts a permanent ban in place, the Stop the Trawler alliance said today.

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Its been a good week but we can't relax yet

It's been a good week for the campaign!

Have you heard? On Friday, Justice John Logan said former environment minister Tony Burke was within his rights to ban the factory freezer trawler, which would have had uncertain impacts on small pelagic fish. In other words, the temporary ban on super trawlers is staying put. 


In Tasmania, the Liberal Party, Greens Party, and the Labor Party have all given their full support to a permanent ban on super trawlers operating in Australian waters! The Palmer United Party has indicated support but will not release official policies until March 1st.

But Australia's marine life and fisheries are still not safe from super trawlers because the federal ban ends in November. 

So now what?

Now, we want the Tasmanian trend to spread nation wide and turn the temporary super trawler ban into a PERMANENT ban.

We will need you for this. Later this week we will help you write to your local Federal MP's so the message is loud and clear across the nation. WE WANT A NATIONAL PERMANENT BAN ON SUPER TRAWLERS! Stay tuned 

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Court Upholds Super Trawler Ban but Oceans Still Not Safe

Media Release - 21 February 2014

Today’s decision by the federal court to maintain the ban on super trawlers reinforces the concern of local communities, scientists, conservation groups and recreational fishers about the damaging impact large scale factory fishing would have.

Despite the court decision Australian waters remain vulnerable to the threat of super trawlers as the current two year ban will end in November.

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Fishers and Conservationists Seek Election Commitment to Permanently Ban Super Trawlers

Media Release - 30 January 2014

Recreational fishers and conservation groups today launched a joint campaign seeking pre-election commitments from all political parties to permanently ban super trawlers and prevent Tasmania becoming the dumping ground for companies using destructive commercial fishing methods.

The threat of a super trawler depleting Tasmanian fish stocks has not gone away, the Stop the Trawler Alliance said at the launch in Hobart, with a court challenge to the federal government’s 2-year ban still being considered and indications proponents will try again to bring fish factories to Tasmania’s waters.

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It Could Be Back

In 2012 tens of thousands of conservationists, fishers and community members across Australia took action to protect their fisheries and marine life from the threat of a super trawler, the MV Margiris.

In response to this incredible mobilisation, the Liberal Government of Victoria and the Labor Government of South Australia both banned super trawlers in their state waters.

Politicians from all parties in the Tasmanian Government expressed deep concern about its impacts on their valuable marine environment and fisheries, and the Liberal and Green parties in Western Australia expressed concern about the impacts it may have there.

This grass roots action and response from local Members of Parliament culminated in the Federal Government amending the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) to ban super trawlers in the Small Pelagic Fishery for two years while an independent inquiry was conducted into the impacts.

Despite contrasting state positions, the Federal Liberal Party did not support the ban on super trawlers, and nor did Independent Members Tony Windsor or Tony Crook.

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Super trawler banned again!

Yesterday Minister Tony Burke announced that he was banning the super trawler from fishing again.

Seafish Tasmania had proposed to use the super trawler FV Abel Tasman (formerly Margiris) as a "mother ship" for smaller trawlers to load their catches of small pelagic fish onto for processing at sea (transhipment). This proposal was adamantly rejected by environment and fishing groups as side-stepping the original ban on the super trawler from November last year, and coming before any expert review of its impacts had even begun.

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Expert Panel Announced

Minister Tony Burke has announced the expert panel to review the environmental impacts of the super trawler.

We welcome the announcement of this panel and the Terms of Reference that have been set for the panel.

We expect that the "Transhipment" application from Seafish to use the super trawler as a mother ship which smaller trawlers feed their catch to, will be refused, based on the fact that this activity could result in at least as big an environmental impact as using the super trawler directly to trawl, and particularly considering that this expert review is now underway.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance will seek more information on the panel and the review process, and keep everyone updated.

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Super Trawler desperately seeking fish

Media Release - 23 January 2013

Environment and fishing groups are united in their opposition to the increasingly desperate attempts by Seafish to take the super trawler FV Able Tasman (formerly Margiris) fishing in Australian waters, despite massive community opposition and a ban.

Super Trawlers are banned from fishing in the small pelagic fishery for two years while an expert panel reviews their impact.

Seafish Tasmania has proposed to allow the Abel Tasman to operate as a ‘mothership’ while smaller vessels transfer mackerel and redbait to her for processing, an act that in itself constitutes ‘fishing’ under the legislation and which therefore is banned for two years under Minister Burke’s ruling while an expert panel reviews the impact of super trawlers.

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