Release the Truth

Ever since workers from the monster trawler Geelong Star leaked the story that a protected whale shark was caught in its nets, the details have been avoided, contradicted, or just plain dodgy. We want to know the whole truth about what happened.

Tell the government to approve our Freedom of Information request for the footage of the incident. It's in the public interest and it's their job to protect us - not cover-up for the super trawler. 

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    • commented 2016-06-23 18:50:27 +1000 · Flag
      Government hiding behind “Commercial-In-Confidence” in order to withhold information from the public under the Freedom of Information act is undemocratic and dictatorial: in a democracy the government is supposed to act on behalf of the electorate and is accountable to the electorate; any deals the government makes with business on behalf of the electorate can NEVER be considered “Commercial-In-Confidence”, as this doesn’t allow the transparency required for the electorate to hold the government to account. No transparency = no democracy.

      It’s only a matter of time before both major parties a relegated to history and the Country is governed by truly representative MPs from a coalition of smaller, truly representative, parties and independents.
    • commented 2016-06-23 16:13:43 +1000 · Flag
      There is no valid reason for these miners of the sea to be allowed to destroy the sea. The impacts of climate change will be compounded by this action!
    • commented 2016-06-23 14:33:14 +1000 · Flag
      Where ever these evil ships have plied there vile actions, the seas where they have operated have been decimated, the West Coast of Africa is a perfect example…and it will happen here in Australia if it isn’t stopped..
    • commented 2016-06-23 14:28:08 +1000 · Flag
      We’re a beautiful country that looks after our natural wonders – not the interests of big corporations. True or False?
      THIS IS IN EVERYONE’S INTEREST. My children’s future – they love the oceans and I want it to be a place they are proud of, not a place of sadness and regret for all we have lost and neglected. DO YOUR JOB!!!
    • commented 2016-06-23 12:11:13 +1000 · Flag
      I am just so overwhelmed by what humans do — I feel helpless and hopeless for the human race to continue this kind of massive destruction of animal life that is needed on the planet in order to survive. I cannot believe that Governments elected by the public would condone such a travesty of species annihilation… and for any other human who would condone it for money — you cannot eat money… you cannot buy what is extinct as it no longer exists… you cannot replace it… once it is gone… it is gone… reducing sea species …. is to annihilate human life also.
    • commented 2016-06-23 12:04:18 +1000
      With the election so close I would have thought that the government would sure up Geelong voters and those along the east coast of Australia who are forced to expose this appalling situation. There once was a time when you could count on them to do the right thing and listen to the people. None of this makes any sense. This ship is foreign owned and has a permit to plunder our coast. They have the nerve to rename the ship “Geelong Star”. There is something very, very fishy about the whole deal.